Why should you choose an In-Studio Newborn Session?

Many new parents are not aware that there are different styles of newborn photography. The two main styles are “Studio” and at-home “Lifestyle” sessions. To make it a bit confusing, some studio photographers will offer to bring their pop-up studio to you for posed newborn sessions. In the past I offered the at-home studio newborn sessions. I hauled around a trunk full of props and gear and set up my pop-up studio right in your living room. As my business grew and my skills improved I learned my need to control a few aspects of my sessions. That is when I decided to invest in a studio. Newborn photography shoots can be the most precious things that you can only do once. Please take a few minutes and read what I feel are the benefits of an in-studio newborn session. Top reasons are listed below.

What are the benefits of a In-Studio Newborn Session vs At-Home Studio Newborn Session?

1. More Comfort and Less Stress – I like for clients to be able to relax and enjoy watching your newborn looking adorable from the comfort of the seating area next to me. I have a client area that include two comfy couches, a frig with water, and a Keurig to make yourself a cup of coffee… the perfect place for exhausted parents to unwind. I have even had clients order take-out for a quick lunch from one of the nearby restaurants. When you’re in your home for a lifestyle session you may be entertaining visiting family from out of town, feeling like you need to tidy your house, and moving furniture for your photographer so that they have cleaner images and more space. If you come to my studio you can relax, refuel and just enjoy watching your baby or take a nap yourself, which actual does happen on occasion.

2. Lighting – You can notice from the work on my website and social media accounts that my images are consistent. I know how to control and use the light in my studio. Newborn sessions in a clients home can be inconsistent due to the amount space, the amount of window light, and time of day the session is held. Perfect studio light at the studio is not even an issue.

3. More Props, Texture and Color Options – While I am careful not to create over-styled baby sets, simple is better in my opinion, I do have a wide variety of props, wraps, hats, and headbands. All of these are within arms reach. When you arrive, everything is set up and ready to go. We will start with just a few questions about favorite color or prop and I will then take it from there.

4. Sanitization – New parents always worry about getting baby out and about during their first weeks and tell me this is often a reason they choose to have a photographer come to their home. There is no need to worry! I make sure everything as germ-free as possible in my studio. All surfaces are disinfected between tiny clients. I photograph one newborn a day so that the area is focused on them. I am fully vaccinated, wear a mask when handling babies and use hand sanitizer though out the session.

5. Climate Control – It is essential to keep indoor temperatures on the warm side, especially during newborn photo sessions. I aim for indoor temperatures of 75-80 degrees depending if the baby is wrapped or unwrapped. Newborns are comfortable with warmth. Cool temperatures can be particularly problematic for newborns who are often taking photographs without clothing. I am familiar with my studio and have a system for keeping it at the best temperature.

6. Speed – I have the space to set up all of my newborn sets before clients arrive. During the session, I move from one set to another eliminating the need for set-up time during your session. More than likely, if a photographer comes to your home of the studio variety, there will only beanbag poses for baby-only images. While I think those poses are lovely, a session with only that style can be a bit boring for my taste. I like variety and I want your session to be easy on all of you. There is no need for extra time to setup or breakdown and clean up after the session is over.


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