So, you have just booked photos with your favorite photographer. The first question most clients have is what do we wear? Here are my best tips for styling your attire for your photoshoot

  • Keep it simple. Stick to solid colors and simple patterns. It is best to stay away from logos and large graphic prints.
  • Flatter your shape. Wear something that fits and shows your figure well – no matter your size. Try to avoid having pin or tuck clothing that does not fit properly. Everything cannot be fixed in photoshop.
  • You are relaxed and natural. Your clothing, makeup, and hair should be natural and reflect your personal style.
  • Coordinate. Plan your color palette and the style you are going for. Don’t “wing it.” Try things on before your session. 
  • Be yourself. You want your photos to look like you. The day of your session is not the best day to try a new style for the first time. 

I also have an excellent styling resource you can use called Style and Select. It’s a website that will help you coordinate outfits for your session. It starts with a simple questionnaire about your session. You select a color scheme, which will compile suggestions for outfits for you and/or your family. Each item is linked to a website where you can purchase items or use them as a resource to pull from your wardrobe. 

Details about the website can be seen on their website. FAQs >> To try out Style and Select, use the following link to the website and fill out the questionnaire. Use code MRP2023  >>  STYLE SELECT

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